Preparing for your Airbrush Tanning Service


To get the best possible results for your new airtan please do the following at least 1 hour before your scheduled service.


1. Shower and exfoliate your skin with a skin and body exfoliator. (Sugar scrubs are great for this)


2. Shave or Wax at least an hour before your Airtan service.


3. Remove any, and all makeup, perfume, lotion, oils, etc. Skin must be completely clean and dry before the Tanning Services.


4. Don't use moisturizers, body oils, lotions, or perfumes for at least four hours before Airbrush Tanning.


5. Wear loose-fitting clothing for at least 30 minutes before Airbrush Tanning so as to not constrict or crush the skin. (This will eliminate any bra and panty tan lines.)


Post-Tanning Suggestions


* Allow 5-30 minutes for the Tanning Solution to set before dressing.


* Wait 8-14 Hours after your tan before showering, excersizing/sweating or coming into contact with water.


*Apply moisturizer during the morning and evening after your first tanning service . Hydrated skin is essential in maintaining a longer lasting tan. 


Proper care and maintnance will ensure that the tan lasts for 14 days or longer.







          BEFORE                   AFTER